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(My) Best EVER Spotify playlist

There is nothing which i love more than digging through blogs and other playlists, looking for that one track i am not familiar with that,

that one track i will fall in love with.

Below you can find my playlists which includes all those tracks I found and kept, all those i love and hopefully you will find there that one track you fall for.


The Bread and Butter.

The bread and butter, Meat and Potatoes, Sugar n’ spice, morning coffee, you get it

the base for it all. this playlist include all of the music, all genres and languages, all of the below other playlists are included, its one big chaotic list of good music.

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Wake the FUCK up!.

Yes, wake up, and here is the playlist that will help you do just that,

Higher volume and faster pace and especially energy.

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Boiling from inside.

Slowly evolve, slowly progress, until it hits, but never to wild or too hard.

sometimes only your head will move and other times your whole body, but it always oh so beautiful.

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That Weird language.

Hebrew, French, Xhosa, Spanish, Gibberish

If its not English you will find it here

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Slow Healing

you just go dumped and you sit in dark room doing nothing

you lay on the grass in sunny day with wind in your hair

or you just sit outside at cold night and watch the full moon

this playlist is for those moment, when happy, when sad, when down or when feeling alive all of them its when the soul need it most

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Rhythm and Rhyme.

Funk and hip hop, slick and explicit, flow and bars.

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Dripping soul.

can you feel it? the artist soul?

is it like warm poison in the veins or like sun ray softly touch the skin?

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Respectful guilty pleasure.

Top of the charts hits, pop, boybands all those you secretly listen to but too shy admitting you do.

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In the comments below - tell me what you think, suggestion and recommendation, share your own playlists

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